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A few notes on Grady Kelly’s presentation at the Product Design Association of Utah

Developers need to know the details and how it will work. Wireframes and prototypes sometimes aren’t enough.
Developers have ‘dev glasses’ on and they don’t see the designs like you see them.

Why we should prototype;

  • It Defines
  • Starts conversations
  • It moves

Why we should test;

  • Make sure you design the right thing
  • Is it working
  • Improve

A zebracorn pegasus can code their designs. Why?

  • Know what can or can’t be done
  • Your designs will be executed exactly how you want them to
  • You can create richer prototypes

There was a great discussion at the end about what a UX/UI designer should be and whether it is important to be a front-end developer or if that actually prohibits us from doing good user experience. We didn’t come to any conclusion but the fact that we had a group of intelligent individuals discussing and talking about the best ideas in the industry—that is invaluable.