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Company: Map It Track It
Role: Lead Designer

Museum Exhibit Kiosk

Project Description

MapItTrackIt enables businesses to better report and track their employees’ sales and canvassing efforts. Map It Track It is a real time, location-based, tracking, reporting, and intelligence gathering mobile application in the political, environmental, and door-to-door canvassing areas.

Map It Track It began as a Startup Weekend project which gave us 72 hours to define the strategy of the whole project and create it. Since then, the design strategy has adapted to the things that we have learned by getting the product into users hands.

Visual Design

The main purpose of the app is to allow door-to-door salesman easily see an area they are trying to canvas. The interaction needs to be simple and easy to use so salesman can quickly input information from someone they talk to, whether that person wants to set up an appointment or they never want them to return.

The screens were designed to allow the user to click on a location which gathers the address information from Google Maps and allows them to input a status and if needed, any personal information and notes for that home.