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Company: Bear Family Haven
Role: Designer & Front-end developer

Bear Family Haven


Bear Family Haven is a cabin rental property in Garden City, Utah at Bear Lake. It features three different cabins and they needed a way to show the information about each cabin and be more recognized for searches within this area. The site needed to be responsive to whatever device it was viewed on.


The main focus was to highlight the three cabins so the solution involved mostly a clean user interface and more organized content. Because the company only takes reservations over the phone, the main call-to-action was the phone number.

The Process

The process started by taking inventory of all the pages and content within the current site and refining this to give the user the best information and the most relevant information.

The visual design was created and refined to meet the companies requirements. Because of the short turnaround time, we by-passed any wireframes and went right into html/css mock ups. The website uses WordPress CMS so the code reconfigured to work with that system.

Going through the process we learned that a lot of users from the site like to print out floor plans of the cabins as they are planning their vacation so I created more appealing illustrations to give the potential renters some detailed information about each cabin and each room.