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Company: 325 Studio
Role: Lead Designer

Asthma Tracker Mobile App

Project Description

The interface started out as a web app that was quickly put together by the creators and developers of the system. The focus at this point was the research put into determining the different tracking levels and the recommendations for treating asthma.

The stakeholders quickly realized that this solution would be much better if it allowed users to use the devices that are always with them, their phones.

User Research

Because this project needed to have a quick turn around, the workflow and wireframes were sketched out quickly and then created in Adobe Illustrator. Once complete I could quickly create the visual design on top of the wireframes. The workflow allows the patient to quickly and easily answer the questions and input an information to keep their asthma under control.

Visual Design

I was asked to create an easy way for users to input their data and quickly see their scores and recommendations on controlling their asthma. The user is presented with the same questions each time but allows them to put in information on medication or different treatments they are using.