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Company: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Role: Interaction Designer, Front-end Development

Artwork Submission Management

Project Description

This is a web application for the International Art Competition sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This app allows artists to create their profile and submit their artwork online for a competition. Once the artwork is submitted, it allows the internal team to search and manage artist as well as rank the artwork and communicate with artists.

I lead the creative direction on an application for artists to submit their artwork for the International Art Competition that is run by the Church History Museum. I lead the requirements gathering, created wireframes, did usability testing, created user stories and did the final design.

The application was translated into 10 languages and used worldwide.

The data we collected about the artwork was then used to create exhibit labels, connect with a kiosk in the exhibit that featured all the artwork and was used to create an online gallery for the museum website.

User Research

I worked with the stake holders to gather the requirements for the application and create some simple workflows and wireframes of what the process could be. I presented these to the stake holders for input as well as the users of the application.

A growing request from the users was the ability to have access on their mobile devices. The application was designed and developed to respond to any mobile device from tablets to phones.

Visual Design

I created the prototype with HTML/CSS and JavaScript to easily communicate the workflow and what the action would be.